Monday, June 25, 2012

My Kitchen is a Mess!

Yep, a huge freaking mess.  Why?  Because vegan cooking requires fresh food and, seemingly, most of this fresh food goes in a food processor, and a pot, and requires every measuring spoon and cup I own.  My new cookbooks are spattered and stained and my counters and walls need a wash or two daily.

But I'm not complaining; really, I'm not.  The food I've made has been some of the tastiest I have eaten.  Take this morning's breakfast, for instance - quinoa and berry cereal - warm and tasty and lovely.  And tonight's supper - creamy onion soup with kale - yummy and nourishing.  Or yesterday's snack of baked zucchini with spicy queso dip.  Even kale chips make a mess but are worth it for the crunchy-salty factor.

So, instead of popping a frozen dinner in the microwave or munching on a bag of chips or some other processed foods, I have taken up the gauntlet of healthy eating.  Kitchen mess be damned!

PS - image is NOT my kitchen and was posted for illustrative purposes only